Sunday, February 16, 2003

about me

Education: I have an A.A. degree, and a Certificate of Achievement in CIS Programming. My programming was DOS based, and I failed to keep up with the times, so my skills are fairly useless. I do not have a high school diploma. I have read a lot, listened a lot, talked a lot, and thought a lot, and continue to do so. I do attempt to spell correctly, and observe the rules of grammar, but these are secondary to the message. If a run on sentence conveys my intent, then run on I will. If you find that my list lacks parallelism, I respectfully request that you get over it. Don’t shoot the messenger’s grammar.

Religion: I grew up attending Church of the Brethren, in California. My mother, bless her, was my Sunday school teacher part of that time. I attended bible study groups at church. A few times in my youth, I became actively devoted to Christianity. I now belong to an obscure Buddhist sect of which there is only one member. Some basic precepts of this system of belief are: humor, humility, and that I am personally responsible for the human condition, and so are you. Stephen Gaskin said, “We are this season’s people. If we blow it, that’s it, it’s blown.”

Politics: I am a knee-jerk, fundamentalist Anarchist; I don’t need a cop to tell me what to do. I try always to do the right thing for the greatest number. Whenever someone starts telling me the rules, my stomach starts hurting. That being said, I believe that democracy is the best available system to achieve the goals of Anarchy: personal responsibility by all. Anarchy is the forest in which we live; Democracy is the best path in the forest. I vote in every election, and try to understand the issues I vote on. I vote Democrat, because what other choice do I have. I wish we had a parliamentary system. I am an American by birth, and by culture, but I identify myself as an Earthling. I am loyal to all who work for peace and justice, regardless of nationality. I am the enemy of those who subvert peace and justice, regardless of nationality.

Personal Data: Born the year JFK was shot. Six feet tall. As of this writing, 170bs. Self-diagnosed as mildly schizophranic and prone to occasional bouts of paranoia, mild hallucinations and reality rifts.

I am not an expert of anything. The essays you read on this blog are my opinions and ideas. I won’t promise that I’ve got the facts right, but I will always be honest in my attempt to be accurate. I make mistakes for various reasons, and I never know for sure if my source of information is reliable. If I read it in the newspaper, that doesn’t make it true. Hopefully, you already know these things, but I wanted to make it clear. I constantly try to humble myself because I have a tendency to be arrogant, but that’s only because I really am better than you (wink, wink) And finally, I’m not a sports fan, I rarely watch, but baseball is the best sport.


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