Friday, June 03, 2005

Their God is a deadbeat dad

The way the evangelicals tell it, God is our father. They don't ever seem to mention our mother, so even though we are made in His image, we don't seem to have any of her features. Basically, this version of Christianity puts forth God using a dead beat dad model. He's our father in heaven, but there's no child support check, no visitations, no joint custody. I've often wondered (ok I really haven't), if The Bible is God's holy word, how come He never does any readings and book signings? Why, he can send His Son to die, but not to read a few chapters to His loving fans?

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Blogger Captain Ottinger said...

That's a problem I have with the world's religions. If God wanted to give us his/her message, why would he go about it in such a half-assed manner? Hundreds of gospels written decades or hundreds of years after you send your messenger, only to lose most of those gospels due to the ravages of time, and then see a handful of conflicting gospels chosen by those in power at the time as the few gospels that are to be believed? At least with the ten commandments God was thinking about preserving his word. He was concise with his rules, so even though we don't have the stone tablets today, we have a fair guess at what was written on them. All the world religions have similiar issues. I can't believe God created the universe, but flunked Communications 101.

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