Thursday, February 23, 2006

A mechanized way to create manifestos;0127105216

The link above leads to a site containing a list of 70 statements. I found it when I was looking for information to help a group of students studying sociology. It's mildly amusing existential (or as they call it now, postmodern) statements. Then I realized that they were formed by an algorithm, apparantly called the dada engine. Now there's a machine for you, one that can create manifestos. Perhaps we can look forward to a day of robotic propoganda. No longer will boys in the cigar smokey backroom write scripts for controlling the collective mind. Computers will spew out the brainwashing scripts automatically. Sociological information will be gleaned from monitoring the public spaces, phone calls, with data collection and analysis algorithms. Then this information is pushed through the manifesto generating algorithms. Out comes the talking points for public figures, the scripts for commercials and propoganda films, posters, and those signals they beam into your fillings.

"It's a fairytale for paranoids." (Trivia: Do you know what book that's from?)


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