Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eminent Domain for Private Gain?

A Virginia based company bought a license for a Willow Creek radio station. Now they've filed with the FCC for a permit to expand, a move that would force KKDS, Blue Ox Millworks low powered radio station off the air. I agree with KKDS founder Viviana Hollenbeck, that β€œIt's like eminent domain, but for a private business.”

The Eureka Reporter Article points out that KKDS is a "secondary station" and is "...
not entitled to protection.”

The rules are set up to benefit the wealthier players. The Hollenbecks are doing a beautiful thing, providing a community radio station that allows youth to be involved. But that's a "secondary" activity. Money comes first.

I'm so demoralized, I don't know if I can muster the energy to fight. I'll probably write letters to the FCC, and to Miriam Media, the owner of the new license. If the bump happens and KKDS is forced off the air, I will boycott the new station, and any business that buys commercial time on it. Although, I'm not sure how I will figure out who's advertising without listening, but I'll think of something.


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