Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Fuel

Have you seen the joke picture of how to pay for war? There's a fighter jet with corporate sponsorship logos all over it. It's not all that far fetched. On Saturday Night Live, the musical guest is always sponsored by Budweiser. Sports events are covered with the sponsorship images. During baseball game coverage, the trivia moments are associated with a corporate name. I assume it's the same for other sports. Public schools are naming school buildings after corporations to raise money. Money is the fuel that runs the machine. The grim outlook is that at some point no public activity can occur without corporate approval. It's not a natural process.

Wealth is being concentrated. As the wealthiest control more and more wealth, there is less available for schools. Through manipulation of the political process, money is taken out of public activity, and public institutions like schools must turn to the corporations for funding. This in turn indoctrinates the public during their most impressionable years, creating a social mindset friendly to the whole concept of corporate control. It won't be long before the internet is so under the influence of the corporate dollar, that the flow of information will be rendered ineffective.

The machine is growing and money is it's fuel.


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