Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Attempting to continue

This is likely to be a lousy post, but I'm really wanting to get on with this project. This is meant to be an essay on The Machine, and how to flip it off.

The last meaningful book I read was The Tao of Physics so I'm currently thinking of things at the particle/wave level. At some point I should create a post of definitions, since I make up terms to express what exists in my thought world, my interpretations of my perceptions. Since language is not the reality to which it refers, but meant to connect people by creating shared perspective, I have no qualms about creating argot (thanks to the ridiculous Leonidas for turning me on to this word).

The Machine is the underlying workings of the social constructs we function within. It is an analogy of how society works. People are the parts of The Machine. Enlightenment is awakening and becominng a cognizant functioning component of The Machine, gaining self awareness and ability to direct one's role. I love the scene in The Matrix when Neo is awoken from his role as a battery and is discarded by the machines.

The Machine seeks to dehumanize us to support a hierarchical power structure. Take for example the stock exchange. People wish to gain wealth simply by having wealth to invest. What does it really contribute? The pushing of paper generating wealth seems absolutely absurd to me. An even more insidious example is the lottery. Pooling a bunch of money together to generate more money, and paying out huge sums to a few and small sums to a few more to keep it going, it's an expression of dehuminization. And even more insidious example is Fear Factor. Humiliate yourself by eating gross stuff, and taking fake risks to entertain the sordid desires of the public for the chance to win money. What the fuck is wrong with you people?

It has been estimated that roughly 60 per cent of the global burden of disease from acute respiratory infections, 90 per cent from diarrhoeal disease, 50 per cent from chronic respiratory conditions and 90 per cent from malaria could be avoided by simple environmental interventions.

The energy spent on Fear Factor could instead be spent on providing clean water for suffering people. Why isn't wanting to ensure that all peoples on the planet have access to clean water a priority? Hopefully in my next post, I will explore some possible reasons we're willing to let others suffer needlessly, or even worse, deliberately perpetuate suffering.


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