Sunday, November 25, 2007


The ever expanding pile of us and our stuff. I have so many things, and many which I never use. I will overcome the clutter. I will simplify my possessions. I will not take on new ones lightly.

The machine keeps cranking out widgets for us to purchase. We must shop to keep it going. Consumption is necessary for the system of wealth to continue. And I'm surrounded by piles of worthless items. Somebody somewhere might want them, but how do I find them and get the stuff to them? I don't want to spend my time as a dealer in second hand junk. So I shall box it up and put it in storage and defer the work until Spring. I want a place for everything and everything in its place, but the machine wants me to want more and more. Constant consumption is necessary for wealth, and the controls of the machine are in the hands of those with wealth. I will resist. I will keep my purchases to a minimum. One step at a time, one hour a day, I will free myself from my consumer programming by reprogramming healthier patterns.


OpenID turn2b4 said...

Hey Jeff
All you need is a guitar in your hand and your teachings will flow. Fight the machine with your tunes of wisdom. Thanks for finding the popculture book for me. Ki’s report on the media marketing machine went alright. I’m currently having issues with the hard-wired thinkings of journalists given the power they seemingly have to distort reality and shape public opinions

“ Journalists are not in the democracy racket, … They're not in the game of empowering the populace. They are not social engineers. They need not think out the first, second, and third possible repercussion of most stories they write ….
false information -- especially when spread deliberately -- is downright damaging.”

We have to fight back

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