Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I renounce my membership

I am a member of the dominant group of the world. I am a white male. I hereby renounce my membership in this group, this resignation being effective immediately. I no longer wish to be associated with this group, for even though membership bestows great privilege, and individual members of this group can and have acted with compassion and humanity, as a whole, this group is responsible for too much suffering. I no longer wish to be associated with the actions and policies perpetuated by white males that result in unfairness, injustice, and suffering. Here is but one example, and though being remedied, the fact that it occurred is abhorrent:

Insurance for Viagra Spurs Coverage for Birth Control

Why would insurance companies cover Viagra, but not contraceptives? I realize the issue has several dimensions, but I'm utterly confident that the decision was made by males, and mostly white males, to benefit their purient interests in promoting privilege for their group. A result of the decision to cover Viagra is an increase in chances for men to impregnate women, and yet the same insurance companies were unwilling to cover contraceptives to decrease the chance of women being impregnated.

This is a document in progress, and will be edited and updated as I find time and inspiration to develop it. I retain the right to change my mind at any time.


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