Sunday, October 19, 2008

America, time to rise up and do the good work.

America, let's up our efforts. Last night I watched We Are Marshall, and I feel inspired. Typically I distrust the emotional experience that I get from a movie, but the story behind this movie is real enough for me to foster some faith in people. In the face of tragedy, what choice will we make? Marshall rebuilt their football program. Faced with the sorry state of our nation, I'm calling on us to persevere with our values, and rebuild our nation and the world with hope and faith.

We allowed a bunch of bastards to steal two presidential elections, and use the office to flat out steal our public funds. A huge part of the wealth they dealt in was artificial, a smoke screen made possible by deregulation and lack of oversight. The machinery of finance spun and generated the illusion of wealth. And in finance of an artificial war created under false pretenses, they hired themselves at inflated prices to supply and carry out the war. The money the war is costing us went into the Cayman Island bank accounts of the people who started the war.

And this bunch of bastards have alienated much of the world. We've bombed villages and women and children, we've tortured prisoners who we've held with dubious cause. We've behaved like the enemies we've always fought against. We've empowered the worst in ourselves. Our leaders responded to the despicable photos of Abu Ghraib by prohibiting soldiers from carrying cameras.

America, we're in a bad way. Money is going to be tight. We are at risk of world war. Our citizenry are performing below potential at a time when we all need to step up and pitch in. I'm writing this because I've been wallowing in my own inaction. I'm weighted down by bad habits and bad attitude. We Are Marshall is a movie, an escapist activity, and I spend too much time escaping and avoiding. But I spent yesterday trying to get myself going and working towards improving myself and my conditions, and I chose a movie with an inspiring story. My choices yesterday worked. I got a charge of hope and faith, and I'm working in this moment to maintain it.

If you've read to here, I hope I've given you a little bump in the direction of hope and faith, and you have some inspiration to take the next step in making this a better country, a better world. Now I'm going to focus on getting my house in order as a means of getting my being in order.


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