Friday, October 10, 2008

Cream or Scum

Rising to the Top
The Cream or the Scum?

I heard Utah Phillips say something like "America is a melting pot, you know where the people on the bottom get burned and the scum rises to the top."

Who are our leaders? Take a guy like Ken Lay. What kind of man was he? Was he even guilty. I have no answers. I just finished reading the wikipedia entry on Ken Lay. At his funeral, it was asserted that "An overzealous federal prosecutor...vilified a good man." It was total character assassination" and that "Ken was the victim of a lynching." I don't know the truth, but I suspect that he engaged in corrupt activities for personal gain regardless of the consequences.

Do talented people of reasonable ethical makeup, the cream, rise to the top of our power system, or is it those with an underdeveloped conscience, the scum? I can only offer uninformed opinion.


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